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At LRS we provide national and international mobility, relocation and immigration support for businesses and people moving to our country and its cities.  Our services are designed to make the relocation, installation and integration of the moving executives and their families both positive and unforgettable.  We are supported by our great work team, our experience and the satisfaction of our clients.

Immigration Support

In order to comply with immigration law, and avoid risks for the companies, the executives and their families, we offer support in all immigration aspects before the moving date. We help with getting the appointed worker visa, advise on the different types of visa depending on each need, etc. We also offer support in complying with the tax responsibilities of the move.

Home Search

We help get the best housing available in the market in accordance with our clients requirements. For this, after receiving the clients’ preferences, we will pre-select the best housing options to visit. Later, we will accompany them to the visits, and support them with the final selection.

Settling in Support

We help with hiring services such as phone, cable and internet, amongst others. We give recommendations on clubs, where to buy furniture, appliances, cars, we recommend doctors, travel agencies and any other service that might be important to the family.

Pre-Move Trip

Before the executive accepts the move, it is customary that they make a visit to know more about our country and the city where they will be moving. We help them with the decision making, letting them know about life in our city, what they can expect and find here, show them in the main residential areas and, in general, give them relevant information they might require so that their move is successful. In some cases, and depending on each company’s policies, we will show them some housing options as a reference, so that they know a bit more about what they can find here, thus managing expectations. We analyze all the needs and give timely advice. We will also accompany them throughout the day, so that adaptation is quick.

Property Administration

In case the executive moving out of our country has bought a property and would like to rent it, we can help with the administration of the property.

Orientation to our City

This service is provided once the executive has accepted the move. The orientation can be given before the executive moves (in which case it will be like the Pre-Move trip), or when they visit for their home or school search. We visit the city with our clients, so that we can advise them and give them relevant information before the move. This way, we familiarize them with the local lifestyles, residential areas and other points of interest.

Cultural Training

We give personalized intercultural training for a better adaptation to the customs of our city. This will help our clients understand the behavior and social practices at a personal and business levels.

School Search

We get in touch with the executive and their families before the move in order to understand their needs and preferences for schools. Our representatives are specialized in school search and will orient them from the start on the different options available. We will advise them so that they pick the schools that adjust better to their needs. Finally, we verify availability and help them with the application process.

Rental of Temporary Furniture

We offer rental of temprary furniture that will help with decorating the new home quickly, while their furniture arrives.  We also offer equipping the apartments with what is needed.

Departure Service

For permanent departure from our country. We offer support so that this process is easy, quick and free of concerns. We offer support with immigration documentation, cancelling residence, check out from rented housing (so that the safety deposit can be returned) and cancellation of services hired.

We have more than 10 years of experience in international mobility.

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